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Saturday, March 04, 2006

That Same Ole Feeling

So, my start of The Master Cleanse for 10 days ended up just 5 days! I was super hungry all. the. time. It was so-oooo very hard to fight the hunger the third time around. Anytime my poor stomach would growl, I would guzzle down some lemonade and thirty minutes stomach is growling for somemore. Almost like the nutrients of the liquid wasnt enough to satisfy the hunger. Sucks! I was hungry e-v-e-r-y single day! I cheated like, three times during the five days, becuase I would have these unbelievable headaches. At first, I thought the headaches were just because of the cafffeine withdrawal or maybe it was because I cut the calories so fast. From 1600 a day to barely 800 calaries. The later sounded more like, because the moment I drank some broth from chicken noddle soup my headache went away. I tried to do a full day of The Master Cleanse. Just downing the lemonade (over 90oz.!) when I got hungry and then sleeping when the headaches happenend. That worked every other day.

I told co-workers and my best friend about my symptoms. None of them had done The Cleanse before, but maybe they could sympathize. My best friend said that it could be a result of the first time I did The Cleanse and boosted my metabolism that now the calories and nutrients of the lemonade are just not enough for my body. I burn the lemonade fast and hunger for more nurtrients. I don't know. It could have been anything.

Anyway, I am back to a better way of eating, getting more sleep and trying to come up with a exercise program without the convenience of a gym membership. I lost about 1.8lbs. wiith this cleanse and feel super! Glad its over and will have to ponder about ever doing it again. I still HIGHLY recommend it for the first timers.