To Wong Foo, Thanks for everything!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Who would've thought?

Well, I got into the size 10 I have always dreamed about. Ha! My mom gave me the uncanny compliment of saying, "You are the size you were in high school)

My weightloss resulted from:

- Living in Costa Rica for 3 months and not quite knowing what I was getting myself into.
- I walked e v e r y w h e r e everyday due to not having a car and having to get to school somehow.
- Lost my appetite for the first month because of speaking countless hours and being sleep deprived from constantly kicking out Jurassic Park out of my rental house.
- Once I gained my appetite back, I only ate fruits, vegetables and peanut butter and cheese. I did not like the taste of the beef in Costa Rica. Not even the ketchup!
- I did an adventure excursion almost every weekend until the rainy season started in May.

All in all I believe I lost about 10-15lbs. Now I just need to tone it all up, because my stomach still looks the same. Ha!