To Wong Foo, Thanks for everything!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Home for the Holidays

Well, I am here and I have officially started enjoying (through tasting) this season. Ha! I ate very well at my company's luncheon this past Friday. After, we all meet for an after party inwhich I gorged on my favorite Tapas. Washed it down with a Mojito! Yum, yum!

Later that same day, particpated in a good ole Pictionary party again surrounded by food which I continued to enjoy.

So far, I can still fir into my new size 10 dress pants! (still in size 12 jeans)

I have ALOT of work to do once I get back to LA. I am actually excited by joining that Discovery Fitness Challenge starting in January. I love to be physical!

Plus, I've got that TriDivas Triathlon to prepare for. Ha!

Onething about my weightloss and how my body reacts to it...I noticed that when I look in the mirror, I am still the same me. I mean I know I have lost 25lbs, but to me I still look like me at 181lbs! Crazy! A girlfriend of mine were talking over brunch this past Sunday. (Brunch yes...oh! But I only had Granola and Berries and Yogurt) She was agreeing with me about how even when one loses weight, one think they still look the same. Is this how Anorectics feel? We then laughed and agreed we both could not be Anorectic, becuase we love food too much!


Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Cleanse: Day 10

WooHoo! Last day! Soups and juices...I am relieved it is over! I prefer my first experience more so than this one. Guess because I did not know what to expect. I still feel good. My next Cleasne will be sometime in March/April.

I've decided to now work on losing this stomach by participating in Discovery Channel Health: 2006 National Body Challenge beginning January 14th, 2006. I've participated before, but now with 24lbs weightloss I can REALLY work on tightening things up. Plus, you get FREE stuff including an 8 week membership to Crunch Fitness. (or atleast that is where the membership was for last year)

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Cleanse: Day 9


Today is fresh (very expensive) orange all day.

Friday, December 02, 2005

The Cleanse: Day 5

So, day 5...g r e a t. I have a craving for a greasy. cheesy, thin slice medium size pizza. Yum, yum. And I want to eat it fresh at a pizzeria. (not delivery)

Guess I will go make my lemonade for the reminder of my day 5 instead. (sigh)
The pizza will be my reward next Wednesday.

10 Days won't be so bad. Then, I will start with the healthy 6 meals again and se how long I can maintain the weight loss.

CONFESSION: This second time around is alot harder than the first time. I have cravings this time. I thought it would be. It's okay though. I like a challenge.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Cleanse: Day 4

Made it to the foruth day! Whew! (I've decided on a 10 day cleanse.)
Feeling good so far. No cravings.

I have held off on the Salt Bath for the moment. I just have to work up an appetite towards it. Maybe I will start tomorrow morning. I have done something different this time and that is added drinking the Dieters Tea first thing in the morning.

I also changed the way I drink the lemonade. I drink it warm now. Maybe it is because of the cold weather.

I do cardio everyday. Atleast 30 minutes on the StairMaster. Ha!

So, hopefully the Cleanse will build up my immune system because my roommate has been hacking and sneezing lately. Ack!